Full Coaching Services

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Custom Training Plans

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Private and Group Lessons

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E3 Tri Triathlon Coaching

We are a premier Triathlon coaching group. Our mission is to help every athlete to achieve their individual athletic goals by addressing each individual’s specific needs both physically and mentally. We accomplish through the use of proven evidence-based concepts, practical experience and technology, while striking a balance between training and life.
  • Full Coaching Services

    The "Full Coaching" option will provide you with everything you need in preparation for your race. This includes the training plan and unlimited communication with your coach.

  • Custom Training Plans

    "The Plan" is a training plan designed specifically for YOU. We will create a plan that fits best into your schedule and provide all the details of each workout.

  • Private and Group Lessons

    E3TRI Coaches are available for group private lessons as well. We offer lessons for swimming, biking, running, and strength group training.

  • Our Philosophy

    Our top priority is keeping our athletes healthy. Some athletes overlook this, but during training, your top priority should be to get yourself to the starting line healthy.

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We offer different nutritional services ranging from season specific nutritional programs for maximal performance and weight management to race specific fueling plans that will help you achieve optimum performance.

100% Personalized Cycling Programs created to address your specific needs, athletic goals, time limitations and balance life priorities.

Improve your performance by addressing your swim technique, run biomechanics or bike position

Regular training makes your body sound and your soul strong

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E3 Mission Statement

E3 Tri, LLC is dedicated to helping every day, amateur and elite athletes to achieve superior performance through the latest science, technology and established training concepts. We strive for excellence and quality by increasing our professional knowledge and experience through our investment in research, continual education and simple yet effective training programs

Customer service is our main priority. All our programs are personalized addressing our clients’ specific needs, goals and life limitations instead of forcing preconceived methods or systems that might not address this; we offer training solutions.The combination of knowledge, experience and established training concepts provide an undeniable advantage for our athletes over the competition.

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